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Located in Cho Lon area, Hoa Vien Phong Lan Restaurant – a brand name familiar with city residents – has made a good impression with whom has ever come to this place. In garden campus there are many kinds of orchids with cool and green air, which creates a natural wonders in the heart of the city. Early in the morning, customers can choose a free corner for themselves and sit to enjoy delicious breast-fast with Hong Kong Style. With the slogan “ taking the benefits of customers to be the destination”, The Restaurant service  customers with breakfast being not only beautiful in decoration but also nutritious; Those breakfast are complied with eating and drink rules of Phuthotourist: limiting monosodium glutamate, lessen fat, increasing fibrous matters, etc., which provides customers an enough amount of energy for starting a new day successfully.

With the romantic scene, Hoa Vien Phong Lan Restaurant is also a place for you to share joyfulness with friends and family members along with delicious cookings and specialties, and a place for business partners to meet and tighten trading relationships with each other. In addition, many young couples have been choosing this place to celebrate their weddings.  A half of being graceful, a half of being luxurious and exquisite, Orchids have been seething the souls of young couples. Orchids stands for  purity, elegance and sustainability of lovely couples that beautifies for days of happiness more complete and passionate. Those space and scenery are the witness for the love, recording every romantic moment, clotting marriage bonds for long-live happiness. Hoa Vien Phong Lan is really an ideal choice for young couples to give each other every holy moment in their lives.

Not a random, Hoa Vien Phong Lan Restaurant is always a good place to bring happiness for superiors and inferiors of families’ choice; That is really thanks to rich experienced cook team of the restaurant, those whose severs many delicious kinds of food decorated beautifully, giving impressive repercussion for clients who attend parties. It is really happy for us that the owners and guests of parties feel joyful and willing when being served by professional and ready-listened staff and management, who are trained to satisfy every of customers’ requirements. Halls ranging from 20 to 90 tables would ensure that customers always have a good and suitable environment to welcome their valuable guests. Those all blend together with romantic and nice environment, good quality of food, good services and happy souls and minds; which makes the ambition arisen in customers to come here again to enjoy the beautiful and pure natural environment and feel the fresh air of life.